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Superior Restoration has been in business since 1995. We specialize in water-fire-smoke disasters and mold remediation. We are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. From start to finish we will restore your home like new. All of our technicians are highly trained and certified. Contractors License # 780181

Superior Equipment We us the best equipment the industry has to offer. Superior Techniques Drying Chamber – Setting up the effected environment for optimum drying Monitoring & psychrometrics – Ensuring a controlled drying environment. Superior Training Continuing education learning from the best to adapt drying techniques and methods to the most current science of rapid structural drying.

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3.5 Stars - Based on 31 User Reviews
Eaton M.Eaton M.

A friend recommended Superior to me when a neighbors house flooded due to an old plumbing fixture that failed
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4.8 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Benjamin MayBenjamin May

This is long overdue but let’s just say I’ll be bring these guys lots of local beer for Christmas. I won’t go into detail but this team went seriously above expectation. My wife and I owe them a huge amount of gratitude. And beer.


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Jean AndersonJean Anderson

They have an amazing service; very fast and thorough. The Customer Rep was great in communication. I called them out when our tub had a leak and it flooded our closet. The employee arrived quickly and immediately addressed the issue, the water and smell were gone when he finished.
Thank you Superior Restoration!

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John BrummeJohn Brumme

One night this summer I returned home from work to see water pouring down our driveway. At first I thought it was the water-heater but turned out it was the downstairs bathroom; water all over our brand-new hardwood floors. Water had been running like a garden-hose for at least four hours. Compete disaster! And in five weeks we were scheduled to host an engagement party at our house!

I called the first restoration company I could with the highest reviews, and Superior lived up to their reputation. Couldn't have been more pleased. Dennis, our project manager, showed up that night and helped me move furniture out of the house. For the next five weeks we had back-to-back contractors in and out of the house. All did a wonderful job and Dennis was completely available whenever we needed him. The office staff was tremendously helpful in negativing with the insurance company.

The engagement party - complete with new hardwood floors - came off without a hitch, contractors finishing up the day before the party! Glad the summers over!

Thank you Superior Restoration!

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Thelma KayeThelma Kaye

It was a Wednesday night when I first noticed the smell. It was coming from my basement, which we had began to use as a storage room. I opened the door and looked down to see about 3 inches of water lining the floor. Due to old pipes, and an open basement window, we now had water damage. That is when I called them, they came out rather quickly and went to work quickly too. I was happy to pay the fee, which I found reasonable for such quick and good service. My basement is now mold and water free thanks to their speedy and impressive service. I would recommend them to anyone who is facing a water damage issue. They’re open 24 hours a day, which can come in handy, and do great work in a great amount of time. You can’t even tell where the damage was now thanks to them!

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Heidi KristenHeidi Kristen

It wasn’t a pretty situation, the home my husband and I had just bought had quite a mold issue. We found this out after attempting to put new tile in the bathroom, under the old tile, we found a black mess. I went searching for a good restoration company, and found it with these guys. They came out pretty quickly after we called, and had the mold gone in a good amount of time too. I also never once felt pressured into buying other services or anything we didn’t need. They had one job, remove the mold, and they did that extremely well and within a price range that we could afford. We also called them later in the day, and they came over that same day. I can’t say how grateful I am to have found these guys. They helped save my dream home, and they didn’t over charge us either.

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