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Shut Off Valve Replacement in San Diego

Found recessed laundry box with angle stops in need of replacement. We opened a small section of drywall underneath the box exposing both hot and cold copper lines. Cut out and re-plumbed both hot and cold shut off with small sections of copper. Installed two-quarter turn Dahl washing machine shut-offs.

Shower Valve Rebuild in San Diego

Hot side leaking due to stem and handle being stripped and not being able to get a good grip. A  complete Price Pfister rebuild kit on valve (3 handle). A water shut-off was necessary.

Copper Pipe Repair in San Diego

Performed leak detection to find leaks. Located leak on a 1/2 inch copper recirc line for the water heater. Cut and installed repair coupling. Tested system to ensure the repair was not leaking.

Cleared Drain in Point Loma, CA

Turn off the water to the toilet. Drain water from the toilet tank and bowl. Remove toilet from toilet flange. Inspect toilet flange for damage. Run mainline snake up to 100' to clear obstructions. Replace the toilet with the new wax ring. Test system.  Clean area

New Gas Line Installation In San Diego, CA

Tie on to existing 1 inch gas line reducing to 3/4. Run a 3/4 gas lines in existing trench. Run 3/4 gas line under foundation and into garage wall for a dryer and water heater. Reduce 3/4 gas line to half inch and install shut offs. Cut out small section of 1/2 in gas line. Run a 10 foot section of 1/2 inch gas line into attic with a shut off. Tested system for leaks.

Clear Drain in Jamul, CA

Ran main line cable through 4” clean out in hall bathroom, cleared after 25’af cable. Drains were tested by running good amount of water.
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