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Replace Kitchen Supply Line In Escondido

Remove and dispose of the existing supply line. Install a new professional braided steel supply line.

Toilet Replacement In Santee

Replaced the existing toilet in the hallway bathroom. Existing was old due to wear and tear. New wax ring with new bolts installed. With a new supply line

Garbage Disposal Replacement In San Diego

Replaced garbage disposal on the left side of kitchen single sink. The existing was leaking from the bottom when water was running.

Tankless Water Heater Replacement In Oceanside

Replaced noritz tankless water heater with Similar updated model. Installed new isolation valves and gas flex lines.

75 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater Replacement In Coronado

Remove and replace the 75-gallon natural gas water heater. Replumb in cold water inlet with new shut off and tie in surrounding lines. Install New hot and cold supply lines, new gas flex line, re-plumb in temperature relief line, re-install and secure venting, and re-secure seismic strapping. 6-year warranty.

Main Line Clog In La Jolla

The main line was clogged due to seeming to be a soft clog with grease build-up. Cleared mainline from cleanout outside of home underneath the paver
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