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Clogged Sewer (Hydro Jetting Service) in Otay Mesa, CA

Customer called us out for 2 separate issues. One of the issues was a slow draining laundry line and the other was a full bathroom that would back up in drains. The technician first assessed the laundry branch drain line and was able to clear this respective section with only a cable snake. However, when inspecting the mainline sewer it was determined that a hydro jetting service would be more sufficient. After the mainline sewer was cleared, a water test was performed to ensure that the affected bathroom was free flowing.

Clogged Kitchen Sink (Hydro Jetting Service) in Chula Vista, CA

Customer called us out to help assist with a clogged kitchen drain that suddenly backed up. Upon arrival, it was determined that the issue would need to be resolved from the roof due to the lack of access into this branch drain line from the surface level of the home. A hydro jetting service was recommended due to the amount of buildup and grease that was present in the line. The technician was able to clear the drain line as well as effectively clean the pipe for longer alleviation due to the high-pressured water and not just a cable snake. A water test was performed in order to confirm that proper flow was restored.

Clogged Drain (Hydro Jetting Service) in San Diego, CA (Oak Park)

Customer called us out due to all the facilities backing up on the property. Upon arrival, the technician determined that the blockage was in the mainline. With no clean out access on the surface level of the property, the technician tried to clear the blockage from the mainline sewer roof vent. The cable snake was able to clear the drain line but a big wipe was pulled out on the cable tip. After further inspection with a push camera, it was determined that the sewer mainline had become impacted with root intrusions in multiple areas. After carefully explaining what was going on, the technician got approval to hydro jet these roots in order to alleviate the sewer mainline for a longer period of time until long term solutions are wanted/needed. A water test was performed to ensure proper flow was restored to all the facilities on the property.

Kitchen Sink Hydro Jetting Service in San Diego, Ca (Oak Park)

Upon arrival, the technician located the kitchen sink that was not draining properly. The technician located a clean out behind the stove that serviced the affected drain line. Once the stove was moved, the technician performed a cable snake service but due to the buildup and blockage it was only minimally draining after this service. The technician then recommended a hydro jetting service in order to effective clean and clear the branch drain line. Once cleared, the kitchen sink was tested to ensure proper flow was restored.

Clogged Toilet in Scripps Ranch, CA

Customer called us out to help unclogging a toilet that had suddenly backed up. Upon arrival, the technician removed the toilet in order to gain better access to the drain line. Once the toilet was removed the technician found a root intrusion coming from the original cast iron toilet flange. The technician removed the roots and viewed the rest of the drain line and found no imperfections or additional root intrusions. The toilet was reset, and a water test was performed for the toilet to ensure proper flow was restored.

Kitchen Sink Backup in Hill Crest, CA

Drain Mob was called out to help alleviate a kitchen sink that would not drain. Upon arrival, the technician found the affected sink and tested to ensure it was still not draining. After disassembling the plumbing under the sink, the technician drained the holding sink to then perform his work. The technician was informed, by the homeowner, that lemon peels were thrown down the drain to "clean the disposal". The technician then used a cable snake to dislodge a hard stoppage within this section. Once the blockage was cleared the plumbing was reassembled, and a water test was performed to ensure proper flow was restored.


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