A To Z Toronto Locksmith provides complete, mobile door and locksmith services for commercial and residential customers in the greater Toronto area since 2009. We work by appointment. When you call, we will quote you an upfront usually flat price or a very reasonable range and are guaranteed to 100% customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Us Some of the reasons why A to Z Locksmith stands head and shoulders above the crowd:

  • We’ve been in business in the Toronto area since 2009.
  • Our customers think we’re pretty special—check out our reviews.
  • We always provide upfront rates or a reasonable range.
  • We use only the best tools and hardware in the industry.
  • Your safety and security is our business!


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4.9 Stars - Based on 81 User Reviews
Sam MoazzamiSam Moazzami

One of the best in town. Called them in the morning, got an appointment for 2 to 3. He showed up on time, checked the lock and told me the lock has no problem. He fixed the door and even changed the pins of the lock to make the keys go smoother in it. He could have told me to change the lock and I would have accepted it, but he didn't. He simply did what was best for me and not to charge me unnecessarily. I am impressed by their service and their honesty and would definitely use their service in the future and I do recommend them full heartedly.

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Sandro Di PedeSandro Di Pede

Texted their number at 11pm for lock replacement. Got a message back within half an hour, appointment first thing in the morning, all work completed less than an hour. Very courteous and professional and reasonable prices. Outstanding service.

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genadi brodovskigenadi brodovski

Phenomenal service! Fast, pain-free and affordable. My house door and the lock is working again after years of having trouble with, thank you!

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Nicole RoganoNicole Rogano

Highly recommended! I have been using them for years! Prompt, organized and knowledgeable!

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Christine AndrewsChristine Andrews

Very reliable and professional. Arrived and fixed the problem quickly. You can't ask for more than that. Highly recommend!

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Automatic Door Opener Oakville

Automatic Door Opener Oakville Sam called us this week and asked for a quote to install an automatic door opener on his newly renovated medical centre front door. We came out the same day provided the quote got it approved and installed the device the next day. Sam was shocked by how fast and easy the process happened from the initial call to installation. He was dealing with many different contractors during this renovation and he wasn't happy with many of them. That meant a lot for us since that's what we strive to be.

Commercial Aluminum Door Repair Mississauga

Commercial Aluminum Door Repair Mississauga Valleri Called us yesterday all panicked. One of her vestibule entrance doors to her restaurant has fallen off its pivot. This situation happens a lot, especially during or right after the winter due to the heavy salting that takes place during that season. Salting is necessary to keep ice from building up on our roads and sidewalks. Unfortunately, it takes a toll on our roads, vehicles, and also door and door hardware such as pivots and thresholds. We came out within an hour and were able to fix the door with the best solution, SELECT Hinges unlike all other solutions like changing the pivot or Installing an external hinge. Continuous hinges and SELECT Continous hinges, in particular, are a lifetime solution. They are tested to run for millions of cycles and should last for around 65 years.

Electric Strike Installation Markham

Electric Strike Installation Markham A big part of our work includes providing door and lock services to various access control and alarm companies. Many times their projects require fixing, replacing, or installing doors and door hardware. Since they don't have the knowledge tools or experience, they outsource this kind of work to us. This includes door replacement, door alignment, door hardware installation, etc. Rod, our longtime client, reached out last week with a service call request for installing an electric strike in an aluminum frame as part of his bigger project. The Challenge in this installation was the thickness of the frame and the door alignment; we had to use a special extension for the electric strike to make it work.  

Commercial Metal Door Repair/Change Vaughan

Commercial Metal Door Repair/Change Vaughan Armando called us this last week, he found us on Homestars. He had a problem with his Commercial Metal door but wasn't sure what it was exactly. We came out to the site for a survey and found out that the door is warped, the core of the door is cracked and the door was shakey and could be bend with very little force applied to it. That's a severe security problem! We took the measurements, and thankfully, it was a standard stock size door. We were able to replace it the very next day. Armando also asked for reliable industrial grade keypad, of course, we recommended and installed the Kaba simplex keypad. It's the industry standard when it comes to heavy duty durable keypad options. Those units can be found all across the world in airports, factories, schools, etc.

Commercial Metal Door Repair/Change Mississauga

Commercial Metal Door Repair/Change Mississauga In one of our recent service calls at a facility, we work with, in Mississauga.  We found out that the core of the door is broken and the door is warped. That is a severe safety and security issue because its easy to break-in through that door and the fire resistance is down as a result as well. Thankfully that wasn't a fire exit. Therefore we were able to block and secure it temporarily. Got the measurements and ordered a new door immediately. The new door was ready within a week and was installed the same day it was available. We also Installed a Kaba combination lock per the customer's request. They were looking for something of industrial grade and durable, nothing is better than the Kaba simplex in these situations.  They are bulletproof.

Multipoint Lock Toronto

Multipoint Lock Toronto One of our specialties at A To Z Locksmith is Multipoint lock systems. Diane called us this week and described a problem with her GU multipoint lock system. We came out the same day and were able to fix the issue. It was the alignment of the door with the jamb that was causing the problem. We were able to realign the door and get it back to proper working shape the same day. It's a common problem and mainly caused by weather changes or sagging doors.  


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